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If you wish for one or more games inside your home, we can offer a vast catalogue of brand new games specially conceived for private use.

If you are a nostalgic for bar games, we also have a large choice of second hand products.

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Image New materials :     Check-out availability !

BILLIARDS TABLES                  Billiard tables newBilliard tables new

Our catalogue contains a large selection of English, American and French billiards. All of them come in a wide variety of styles and will adapt easily to your home. 

Specially conceived for private use, some billiards can transform into tables, or modify for different games styles (American, French...).

SOCCER-TABLE (Baby-Foot)   Soccer tables newSoccer tables new

We also have a selection of very robust Table-soccer games with simplified ball retrieval systems, particulary suited for private use.


Example of transformable billiard



Amateur or collector, don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you're looking for a new pinball machine. You'll can choose between the greatests brands like Bally, Stern, Williams...
Ask us for the prices  

Pinball AC/DC

Stern Grand Prix


We can provide Wurlitzer's famous "One More Time" JUKE BOX, an undoubtedly decorative and superbly retro model. This re-edition, manufactured by the original creators, lives up to its reputation of authenticity and now comes in two versions : E.P. (vinyl - 45 rpm), or CD. Both have a capacity for 100 records and are equiped with 200W Hi-Fi amplifiers.

       E.P. model        : 9.300 €
CD  model         :
8.900 €

Wurlitzer OMT

Dimensions : H=5ft, W= 3ft, D=2ft. Weight :335 lb

Accessories :

Ideal for birthday parties or any other occasion, we also have a wide choice of billiards and dart-games accessories.


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Image Second hand professional material :

Second HandSecond hand

The choice varies considerably.

It is essentially professional material, comprising Billiards, Table-soccers, Pinball machines, and Video games.

Reconditioned (pay-slot removed), these machines are ideal for family fun. 

Card games are also available (JAMMA std), and NEO GEO cassette.

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Click on the "Second Hand" section for a list of available second hand material. If you seek a precise but unlisted model : Get in Touch with us, we can almost certainly find it for you.


Image Other services :

Specialized personnel can ensure renovation and repair on all billiard baizes, pinball machine, and table-soccer.

We also have a large quantity of take-away or on-order spare parts, table-soccer balls etc...

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